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Cuba, 13 birding days

An excellent Caribbean birding holiday for those who enjoy looking for 20+ endemics, sunshine, culture, music, old timers and mojitos. Time stands still but salsa moves everybody at this unique destination. From Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the World through the ever attractive Cuban Tody to the most elusive Gundlach's Hawk there are many endemics and other great birds to look for during this tour.





Fact File

- 13 days in Cuba visiting the best birding areas in a relaxed way

- start and finish in Havana

- using 5 accommodations, most of them located close to the sites

- the tour can be combined with our Costa Rica holiday



- visit to the hilly region of Soroa and La Güira

- birding on the Zapata Peninsula at Cienaga de Zapata

- exploring La Belén NP

- 3 days at the best birding cayes of Cuba

- wide variety of habitats, birds and butterflies

- more than 20 endemics plus plenty of other interesting bird species

- sunshine, music, culture, old timers and mojitos


3 nights at Soroa

3 nights on the Zapata Peninsula

2 nights at La Belen

3 nights at Cayo Coco

1 night in Havana

Departure Dates

November - April


Ask for the actual price.

Our price includes:

- all travel within the country as noted in the itinerary;

- all accommodation based on shared rooms (most rooms are twin bedded), at most locations there are single rooms as well for extra charge (Please ask for a single room at the time of booking!);

- 3 meals per day, generally breakfast at the accommodation, packed lunch, dinner (consists of at least two courses);

- services of the leader(s);

- trip materials.

Not included:

- flight to and from Havana;

- optional programmes to places of interest and entrance fees involved;

- airport and other departure taxes, tips;

- food beyond generally 3 meals/day mentioned in the itineraries;

- excess baggage charges;

- telephone calls;

- alcoholic beverages;

- compulsory personal insurance.

If you have questions about the inclusion of any cost item, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Activity level

Generally easy to moderate walks

Some longer driving distances with birding stops





Arrival to Havana and transfer to our hotel in Soroa, surrounded by mountain forests. Birding on site depending on time.


Sierra del Rosario and the Soroa Region is an excellent area for an introduction to Cuban birding. Within a couple of hundred meters from our hotel there are several easy to moderate hiking trails. Visiting these we might find our first endemics: Cuban Trogon, Cuban Tody and Cuban Pygmy Owl. We should find here the melodious Cuban Solitaire, Yellow-headed and Swainson's Warbler as well. Those who are ready for early morning walks have a chance for Scaly-naped Pigeon or even Blue-headed Quail-Dove.

On one of the days we make a tour to La Güira National Park where we will look for the endemic Cuban Green Woodpecker, Cuban Blackbird and for the near endemic Olive-capped Warbler Cuban Martin and Cuban Emerald. We will have a chance for Cuban Grassquit and Cave Swallow as well.


After a morning birding in Soroa, we drive East towards the Zapata Peninsula, one of the key birding sites in Cuba. We spend 3 nights at the shore of the famous Bay of Pigs to search for localised endemics such as Zapata Rail, Zapata Sparrow, Zapata Wren, Gundlach's Hawk, Cuban Blackbird, Cuban Emerald, Bee Hummingbird and Cuban Crow. Among the owls we expect to find Cuban Screech Owl, Cuban Pygmy Owl and Stygian Owl. This is a great area to search for Quail-doves, Blue-headed, Gray-headed, Ruddy and Key West being the possibilities. Other interesting species include: Red-shouldered and Tawny-shouldered Blackbird, Great Lizard Cuckoo and the Cuban race of Common Black Hawk. A wide variety of woodpecker species inhabits the area including West Indian Woodpecker, Cuban Green Woodpecker and even Fernandina's Flicker.


We travel towards Camagüey and La Belén National Park where we will spend 2 nights. This region offers some local rarities such as Giant Kingbird, Cuban Parakeet and Cuban Parrot. Plus we have a second chance for some of the species like Cuban Grassquit, Fernandina's Flicker, Cuban Palm Crow, Gundlach's Hawk, Cuban Tody and many more.


We depart towards the best northern cayes where we spend some relaxing birding days alongside the azure shores and among the bird-rich mangrove-lined lagoons. During our stay we check Cayo Coco's bushes and patches of woods teaming with migrants and local breeders, so we should find Zapata Sparrow, Oriente Warbler, Yellow-faced Grassquit among many others. At Cayo Guillermo we search for Bahama Mockingbird, Cuban Gnatcatcher, Grey Kingbird and a variety of waders and waterbirds. Cayo Paredon Grande provides Thick-billed Vireo and gives a second chance for Cuban Gnatcatcher and Oriente Warbler.


After a last morning birding at Cayo Coco we finally travel to Havana where we can immerse ourselves into an incredible mixture of culture, fantastic colonial architecture, vibrant music on the streets and in local bars during the evening.



Sightseeing in Havana and then transfer to the airport to catch our flight home.

Arrival home after an overnight flight.