We strongly believe that when you visit a country anywhere in the World, even if you are an avid birder or a professional nature photographer you should be open to the local culture, folklore and history as well. You should not miss to try the tasty products of the local cuisine, enjoy the wine and realize that during the traditional way of life nature and culture goes hands in hands.

We have lived and guided tours in Latin America more than 15 years by now. During the years we have realized that among our guests sometimes even within a couple one is more interested in nature, while the other one is more interested in culture. If that is the case then we can suggest amazing destinations to visit which are special Nature & Culture combinations.

One of the most famous ancient cultures still with living traditions is the Mayan Civilization. You can find incredible Mayan ruins in several neighbouring countries including Mexico (and within that especially Yucatan & Chiapas ) , former British Honduras now Belize, Guatemala which is the heart of the Mayan World with Tikal, Honduras with Copan and Salvador with the oldest ruins. There are thousands of World-famous and less known Mayan Archeological sites with amazing forests around teaming with wildlife which can be observed from good trails. These are the best birding & wildlife observing sites as well.

Our Mayan Birding & Culture Adventure Tour  (Yucatan-Chiapas, MEXICO) takes you to most of the premium birding sites on the Yucatan Peninsula and North-East Chiapas. We pay visits to world famous Mayan archaeological sites surrounded by lush forests and full of many great species. There is a long list of Yucatan endemic species ranging from large colourful Ocellated Turkey, Yucatan Parrot, Yucatan Jay, Yucatan Woodpecker, Yucatan Bobwhite, Yucatan Wren till some smaller, harder to see or photograph ones such as Mexican Sheertail, Yucatan Vireo or Rose-hroated Tanager. 

We do not need to explain why Peru, former center of the Inca Empire with huge variety of landscapes and habitats is an amazing destination for those who love nature and culture. The colonial town of Cusco, the attractive Sacred Valley with the Inca ruins and still cultivated terraces, the stunning Machu Picchu with dense forests around offer an amazing mixture of Nature and Culture tour, Add either the high Andes and Colca Canyon with Condors or the incredibly rich Manu area with the World's most famous parrot claylicks and you will end up with an unforgettable tour for sure

The possibilities are almost endless since we lead tours visiting other continents as well, for example in Asia one of our favourites is India with very rich wildlife and thousands of years of culture around or in Africa we can add to our  Abyssinian Endemic tour of Ethiopia a detour to the famous oldest Christian underground churches of Lalibela. Since we were born and raised in Central Europe and having official history and culture guide licence we surely know a lot about the Old Continent as well. .....This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      {backbutton}