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Imagine a country with incredible variety of habitats ranging from huge tracts of tropical montane forests through papyrus marshes and savannas, coloured by the famous Rift Valley lakes, the source and amazing falls of the Nile and even towering, snow-covered volcanoes like Ruwenzori. No wonder Uganda is one of the best birding and wildlife destinations in Africa with more than 1000 bird species, including many endemics and regional endemics, plus other attractive species such as the prehistoric looking Shoebill. It is also an excellent destination for observing amazing array of wildlife from plethora of dazzling butterflies through the “typical safari mammals” like Giraffes, Zebras, Lions, Antelopes, Buffalos, Hippos, Elans to incredible sightings of Chimpanzees, Mountain Gorillas and several other primates as well. Habitats range from tropical lowlands & mountains through savannah till wetlands with incredible variety of wildlife.

It is just hard to pick and mention just a few out of the several hundred species we should see during the tour, so it is just a short list to wet your appetite for visiting this must to see paradise for any wildlife enthusiast: Grey-crowned Crane, Red-throated Bee-eater, Rock Pratincole, Denham’s Bustard, several Hornbill species, African Crowned Eagle, Great Blue & Ross’s Turacos, African Wood Owl, Western Nicator, Red-headed Malimbe, White-spotted Flufftail, various Tinkerbirds & Barbets, Sooty Chat, Palm-nut Vulture, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Toro Olive & Little Greenbul, Speckle-breasted Woodpecker, Vieillot’s Black Weaver, Brown-throated and Chestnut Wattle-eye, several Sunbird species including Green-headed, Blue-headed-, Copper, Bronze, Olive-bellied & Red-chested Sunbirds, White-chinned Prinia, Grey-capped Warbler, Shining-blue Kingfisher, African Blue- & Swamp Flycatcher, Snowy-headed Robin-chat, Grey Parrot and the giant Shoebill.




Tour to Uganda

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    Imagine a country with incredible variety of habitats ranging from huge tracts… Read More +

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Grey-crowned Crane

Red-throated Bee-eater

Rock Pratincole

Denham's Bustard

several Hornbill species

African Crowned Eagle

Great Blue & Ross's Turacos

African Wood Owl

Western Nicator

Red-headed Malimbe

White-spotted Flufftail

various Tinkerbirds & Barbets

Sooty Chat

Palm-nut Vulture

Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo

Toro Olive & Little Greenbul

Speckle-breasted Woodpecker

Vieillot's Black Weaver

Brown-throated & Chestnut Wattle-eye

several Sunbird species including:

Green-headed & Blue-headed-,

Copper, Bronze, Olive-bellied &

Red-chested Sunbirds

White-chinned Prinia

Grey-capped Warbler

Shining-blue Kingfisher

African Blue- & Swamp Flycatcher

Snowy-headed Robin-chat

Grey Parrot

and the giant Shoebill

Other Wildlife: 

plethora of butterflies









Mountain Gorillas

several other primates